Who Is Rita Hurry?

 Rita has been in this field for over 20 years.  as well as being a certified Life Coach, she is also a Consultant, Educator, Speaker, certified Nirvana Fitness Instructor and host of her own podcast show The Body, Mind, Spirit Show.

Rita specialises in the following areas: Manifesting, Meditation. Mindset, Business and Career Coaching, Leadership and Management, as well as Success and Confidence Coaching.

She is the author of the ‘Law of Attraction Living Series – ‘Law Of Attraction Living: The Foundation’, which is the first book in the series and ‘Law Of Attraction Living: The Core’. Both are currently available on Amazon.

Rita was awarded the Best Law Of Attraction Coach award in 2015 and was the host of her own Radio Show – Your Missing Link to the Law of Attraction, based in the US.

In 2020 Rita  certified as a Deepak Chopra certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher.

Rita has a huge passion for helping individuals believe in themselves, connect within and break through the limits that hold them back. She also has a huge passion to help individuals live their purpose and create an awesome lifestyle. 
Having suffered with social anxiety, depression and lack of confidence in her teens and early twenties, she embarked on a journey of self discovery to help her through this. Her fears took over her life and often left her deflated and hiding away from others and the opportunities that would have made her happier and living a more fulfilled life during this period. 
Both work and school life were a huge struggle for Rita growing up, but a calling to meditation pathed the way for Rita to discover her hidden strength and begin to open up to the confidence that was lying within her and helped her build that self awareness that was needed. 

Today, Rita is an ambassador of confidence, and inner strength and keeps growing to help as many as she can through these struggles to discover that power within themselves too.

She encourages individuals to embrace who they are internally and externally, think big and make the impossible, Possible!

Her clientele includes Business Owners, Corporate Companies Entrepreneurs, Tech Professionals, Casting Directors, Actors, Writers, Singers, Music Producers and those in the financial sector amongst others based in the UK and globally.

Rita is also certified Advanced Level 5 Recruitment Consultant and has extensive experience and skills in the field of career and recruitment. She has helped many professionals make the transition into running their own business as well as helping others find that employment that fills them with joy as they finally get to do what they love.

She has also coached for the National Health Service in the UK and worked with those who have suffered from depression and anxiety, helping them back into employment or business and to gain confidence.

She was selected as one of a total of 500 companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Small Business Owners worldwide recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to help others. This list included Gary Vynerchuck, Jay Shetty, Kamala Harris and many more influential people.