Private Coaching & Consulting Sessions

One to One Private Consultations.

Rita offers private virtual One to One coaching sessions as well as private consulting sessions for those who prefer to work on a one to one basis instead of working in a group. The areas of consulting and coaching that Rita offers in are the following:
Career Guidance (include: Upleveling your career, promotions and career changes)
Business Strategy & Mindset
Achieving Your Lifegoals
Success Mindset Leadership and ManagementBuilding Self Confidence and Self Awareness

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When you sign up to 4-week Private Consultation or Coaching Package with Rita, you will receive the following:
  • Weekly Virtual Private One to One Sessions focused on the specific area you need support and focus in.
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Email support between sessions
  • Dedication and support from Rita to help you achieve your goal
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Planning and Accountability
Our Consulting Package includes tools and strategies to achieve the goal that you want and Rita, as the expert shows you exactly what you need to implement.

Our Coaching Package enables you to work together with Rita to discover more about your strengths and weaknesses and gives you the opportunity to discover more about yourself and what shifts you need to make to achieve what you want from life. If you are searching for more of a self-discovery option, coaching is the preferable option for you.

You don't have to remain stuck wanting more but settling for less.

Let's fix this right now and help you live a life  that fills you up with passion. 

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