Woman Of Faith
A lifestyle built on faith.

Bring God to the centre of your life.

Being a woman of faith in day to day life can sometimes prove to be very difficult. Maintaining a work/life balance which incorporates your faith can often prove to be a battle, especially when it comes to taking time out to spend time with God in prayer, reading the Bible etc.

Yes, we do have Sundays, but your faith should be part of your everyday life, not just saved for Sundays only.

God is with you always and often it is so easy to overlook this and we ignore He is there for you anytime, which you don’t do on purpose, it’s just other responsibilities that take over.

But your faith is important. And  if you have recognised that you need to spend more time with God and not losing that connection to the Holy Spirit during your day, we need to come together to make this happen.

The calling that God has called you to live is right now and if you want this to be your main focus whilst living your day to day tasks, let’s make this happen.

This balance can be achieved, and I want to help you do just that.

We are called to worship God with our lives every day. Let this be something that you do and live by.

Your faith is too important to be pushed to the back.

Let me help you do just that

I have been spending time with God asking what my next programme should be as I have been eager to work with my sisters in faith, to help you keep your faith to the front of your mind in every area of your life. And here it is.

I want to encourage you to live a lifestyle of faith that places God at the head in your career, in your health, in your relationships, in your family life etc. God is not separate to this. He is there through it all and your life can be a place of worship for Him.

So it is Lifestyle Consulting with the focus on your faith.

God will be at the centre of the work that you do with me whilst we work together.

Remember, it’s all about the worship of God and reminding ourselves to keep our eyes focused on what God wants for us in all areas of our life.

We will pray together, read the Bible together, be still with God and meditate on Him as well as private 1:1 coaching sessions and support between sessions.

It’s a programme that is focused on faith and pulling together a well-balanced lifestyle with God at the centre of everything.

Is that what you would love to achieve?

Are you fed up separating God from your day to day life?

Are you ready to live a life of worship daily in all areas of your life?

Let’s come together and let’s work together to make this happen.

We will go through the ups and downs of life together during the 3-months and seek the guidance of God through everything.

This programme is about totally surrendering your entire life to God in all areas of working, playing and resting.

This programme is a 3-month virtual programme where we will work together on a 1:1 basis with on-going support throughout the duration of the programme.

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