Are you living in Time Scarcity?

Are you living in Time Scarcity?

What is time scarcity you might be asking yourself and how do you know you are living in it?

Time scarcity is a mindset and reaction to creating a lifestyle where you feel every day that there is not enough time in the day to get everything you want completed.

You stress and panic about everything you have to get done and feel constantly like you are running out of time and just feel rushed.

Being busy is not a bad thing. It’s ok to be busy, but if you are not feeling calm and peaceful whilst being busy, you are in time scarcity, and this is not good for you.

This is what increases stress and the hormone Cortisol in the body that will lead to poor health, poor concentration, and more serious illnesses.

Creating a balanced lifestyle which allows you to appreciate all the good things in life as well as getting work completed is essential for wellbeing.

Each day you need to look at your diary and set hours of work that do not take over your personal life as well. This is your responsibility.

You cannot be productive if you are running your day-to-day life on time scarcity. You are just creating for yourself more anxiety.

Time abundance is what you need to be aiming for. When you feel time abundant it flows into the rest of your life and helps you achieve all that you want to achieve each day.

It’s time to heal the focus on time scarcity and move to a time abundant mindset. It will serve you better.