Fear is not Faith

Fear is not Faith

The spirit of fear affects us all and can have implications on various areas of our life. You may find you have anxiety about speaking to others, meeting new people, making changes in life, going for interviews etc. The list can be endless.

It can also lead to panic attacks, especially if something you perceive is major going on in your life.

One important thing about fear...it is not from God. Yes, that is right. On contrary to what you have been fed by society and old-fashioned beliefs. God does not send a spirit of fear.

Fear is caused by the thoughts that we focus on in our mind. The more you allow yourself to get over-consumed by a fear-led thought, the more it grows and the anxiety builds and as a result can lead to panic attacks.

You have to get out of your head. You have to let go of your pre-conceived ideas about a situation and go into it with a fresh perspective. It's an opportunity to make of it what you want. Turn it around to work for you and how it can make you feel good.

Faith in God enables you to manage fear more powerfully. There are many scriptures in the Bible which shows how God takes over situations for you when you ask and allow Him and it enables you to go into the situation with faith instead of fear. You cannot have faith and fear in the same situation. It doesn't work.

Fear is getting back in your head. Faith is allowing God to take over and make everything work out for you.

So my message to you today is get out of your head and allow your faith in God to be the lead through those situations that scare you the most.