Make January work for you

Make January work for you

So we've all heard of the January Blues. I experienced it earlier this week. I woke up feeling very low and upset for no particular reason, just felt de-motivated to get started. It was a horrible feeling but thankfully, I managed to get myself moving. I got up, got my workout clothes on and did a great strength training, HIIT and core workout which increased the serotonin in my body and mind that I needed to snap out of the 'lull' that I was feeling.

Also, for breakfast I had a dose of my premium health shake, which is not only a protein shake, but also great at stabilising mood, hormones and the immune system as well as bringing the energy and other great benefits to my mind, body and spirit. 

Throughout, all of this, my mindset was key. It got me out of bed and it got me moving and making the day end on a higher note than what it started.

Your mindset is either going to make your day or break your day and you are responsible for giving yourself the permission to change it so it can work for you.

Yes, the over-indulging over the holiday period does play a part in it, as too much crap in the system like alcohol and sugar does affect the energy output and increase mood swings, so this does lead to increasing those 'January Blues'. But again we bring in the mindset here, as being aware of this and making the decision to make changes to what you put in your body now, will help you fight those low days.

January Blues is just a reaction to the holidays ending and getting back into daily living, remember this and don't give it too much power than it needs. Yes, you might want to go easy for a bit, but if you feel you are ready to go full steam ahead, than do it. In fact, listening to your intuition is key to success both in January and any time of the year.

Don't fall victim to the January Blues. Don't fall victim to the dull weather etc. Use your mindset and intuition to kick start and change gears and make January work for you.

It is a great time to change things, try something different and let go of things and people that bring you see the blessings that January can bring and use that power of your mind to remind yourself why you can and not why you can't.

Make January be your best month ever!!

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