Nothing wrong with being positive

Nothing wrong with being positive

Looking for a job can not only be frustrating at times, but can also make you feel like you are of no value, especially when you get rejection after rejection. I have been there and it does bring huge elements of self doubt.

But the only way to conquer this feeling and rise above it, is all to do with mindset work. Now I know it's easier said than done, but this really is your biggest tool to keep you from not losing hope and going down that negative cycle.

It can be so easy to go down the cycle of 'there is nothing out there' and 'all that positive mind stuff is crap' and start looking at things going on in the world that are going wrong and think nothing is going to change.

The important thing to understand here is that until you change your mindset about this, things will never change. Negativity will always lead to more negativity and things will stay stuck. You cannot approach a problem with the same mindset that it was presented to you. You have to change your approach, so you can see beyond the problem.

You have to get solution orientated.

It's like going into a dark room and refusing to switch the light on because the room is dark! Unless you press the switch, the room will remain dark. You have to change things. You have to lighten the dark room. Just like you have to lighten the dark situation.

The same applies to your approach to a problem.

In this situation regarding finding a job, you may have to re-look at your CV. There may be simple layouts or grammar that needs altering. Or you may have to look at how you are applying for jobs and what jobs you are applying for. There is such a thing as being 'over-qualified' for a particular role, so God may be actually calling you to a higher paid role with higher responsibilities instead. Maybe God believes in your ability more than you do.

Being positive in a difficult climate, whether that is personal, professional or in the economy, is not being ignorant to what is going on. It is not being 'unrealistic' as some choose to believe. It's being realistic to the fact that without a positive change in mindset and perception, you won't find the job role you really want and will just continue to grow in the self doubt that you are creating for yourself.

So embrace being positive and don't be afraid to transform your mind to work for you and not against you.