So what is the excuse?

So what is the excuse?

So you know you are unhappy in your current role due to various reasons but what are you doing about it?

Nothing? Why not?

And here comes the list of reasons why....

But what are the reasons why you should do something about it??? Hello are you still there?

This is what you need to focus on.  The reasons to stay and continue being unhappy is not a reason, it becomes an excuse after a while. 

Everybody has a choice of whether to stay unhappy in a situation or change it. Staying unhappy day after day should never be an option.

It's time to value yourself and your well-being. If you are not being valued in your job or you feel that you have reached the highest level and there is no more room for progression, it can be very frustrating. It will lead to poor productivity, poor mental health, lack of focus and your self doubt will increase.

It is time to place your wellbeing as a priority and quit staying stuck where you are at and making yourself miserable.

If you stay too long in this situation,  you become the reason you are miserable, not the job or colleagues or your boss, it's you that keeps you stuck.

Yep, I said it!

You have to take the responsibility and change things now.

Don't keep doing this to yourself. Take the necessary action and take it now.

Life is a blessing and you need to make it a time of happiness and joy. Your joy is your responsibility. 

Don't think staying in this situation is the only option. Quit looking at the excuses which keeps you there. Start focusing on the reasons why it is important to change things now and use this to motivate you to do it now.

Quit waiting and take ownership of your value and joy.

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