Do You Listen or Do You Ignore the calling?

Do You Listen or Do You Ignore the calling?

When God is showing you the direction to go in, do you sit and doubt and wonder if you should go in that direction? Or, do you go all in?

Too many of us prefer to listen to the ups and downs of what we think is right, instead of allowing ourselves to be led with certainty. 

God is your certainty.

When you feel the pull and the message within your spirit to chase the dream and the goal, you have to go all in. And when you do, it goes so much smoother than listening to yes/no uncertainty our minds often play on us.

Whenever, I pursued something that I know I was led to pursue, even when I could come up with all the reasons, why I can't, It has always worked out for me and the results have been amazing. 

When you allow the spirit of God to be your guide and you go all in and trust, no matter what you see around you currently, and what your results are right now, things change. Big things happen.

Your career, your health, your relationships, your money...everything changes because you quit getting in the way of God and you allow Him to do His thing in your life. 

Trust me it's so much easier.

Letting go and letting God lead the way in all areas of your life brings you to a freedom, no airy fairy way can bring.

It makes you stronger and you start walking with certainty in your life, that helps you eliminate doubts and allows you to achieve those goals that you truly want.

So, go all in with God. Give Him the opportunity to make your life bigger and better and allow Him to build your certainty in what you are meant to be doing.

If you are looking for support in being able to do this and to transform all areas of your life, reach out to me and let me support you in never ignoring the calling to success that He brings you.

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