Don't be afraid to share your faith

Don't be afraid to share your faith

As many of you who follow me on social media or have seen many of my posts recently, have noticed that I am not shy of sharing my faith and speaking about God.

It is a big part of my life and my business. In fact my business is now a 'faith-led' business and therefore my focus is on God through my programmes etc. 

Your faith is important. It is the foundation of who you are. So don't hide it. If you hide it, you are hiding a big part of you. Why do that?

People will have their judgements, especially when you say God so many times a day. For some reason many won't like or pat you on the back for mentioning the name of God. They probably think you've gone crazy!

But again it is not about them or their judgements. It is about your faith and your journey. If you have big love for God, why shouldn't you declare it. 

People who love the universe, crystals, astrology etc share freely and constantly, so why can't you? God is truth compared to these things, so should be spoken about more.

When you share your faith and walk in your faith with love and light in your heart, you are in fact doing a beautiful service for others. 

The more we can spread love and peace and sharing the love of God and Christ, this can benefit those that come across it, even if they prefer not to admit it.

So, don't be afraid to share your faith and stand strong in your faith. Your faith holds you up and keeps you strong through the ups and downs of life.

In fact, those who have a faith, are able to see the solutions above the crisis easily. This is because their foundation in God gives them this ability. It's a supernatural gift.

So declare your faith with the world and don't let anyone make you feel that you should hold back. Stand tall and strong and live your calling with joy and inner strength.

If you are a woman of God and you struggle at times to keep your faith to the forefront of your life daily, email me and let me tell you about my virtual private 1:1 3-month programme Woman of Faith where the focus is on building your faith daily in your every day life. My email is