Faith in Your Journey

Faith in Your Journey

It is so easy to follow others and their journey and think if it works for them, it will work for you. But you are forgetting one fundamental have your own journey to take and no amount of following is going to lead to the same path as another.

For me, this is good to know. I really don't aspire to be like everyone else. I love walking to the beat of my own drum (well actually to the beat of God's drum). Breaking away from the norm and doing things differently is something that I was always blessed with and any time I tried to do it like the others, my spirit felt unsettled. And this showed me that this is not who I am meant to be.

Having faith always calls for you to own your own journey and not being afraid to walk that path. Faith calls for you to believe in that which is unseen and allow it to be your truth, no matter what others think or say.

Remember, others will always have an opinion on what you do and a judgement on whether you are doing the right thing, according to their own beliefs.

Don't allow this to be your compass in life. 

Live your purpose according to what is true for you and stay on your path no matter what.

Hold true to your faith no matter what. Step out of the crowd and don't let anyone tell you any different. 

This is your journey.