God is not a trend

Seeing God's name pop up on your social feed often? Doesn't mean it's a trend...God is never a trend.

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God is not a trend

God is not a trend

Last week I came across a post from someone stating that following God or using God in content has now become a trend and comparing it to the new age practices which she follows.

This was sad to see that someone could view God as a trend. God is not a trend and if anyone is adding God's name to their content for trending purposes it is not being genuine.

My business has become more faith led because of my personal journey with God. God brought me back to my faith stronger than ever and I am not afraid to share the message of God, as my love for God goes above and beyond everything. I am not led by society and others anymore. There is only one that leads me and that is God. And this brings me the freedom in everything I share.

If you have noticed that many are speaking about God, well look at the times we are in - wars, famine, attacks etc, heartbreak...we need God right now and many are searching as they feel alone and broken.

Many are coming to God in their masses and this is a beautiful thing. As the band DC Talk sang - 'God is doing a nu thang'! Yes, He sure is and I say bring it on.

So to those that think this is 'just a trend' don't judge it until you speak to everyone who is speaking about God and asking them about their personal journey and whether it is from the heart or just following others.

Like we who follow God get accused of judging those who don't, we also get judged for sharing God too much!

It's never too much to share about something that brings you joy.

So, God is never a trend...people are needing Him right now and it's just a beautiful movement that is growing and that can only bring good.

So, don't judge it...accept it.