Going against the grain

Going against the grain

Stepping out and doing what is not expected of you, can seem daunting at first and you don't know how much of what has changed in your life and within you, you can share that will be accepted.

If this is something that you battle with, you have to ask yourself this question - Who are you living for?

Quit living for others and their expectations for you. They are not the ones who will support or hold your hand on the Day of Judgement are they? They are not going to have your back when it counts, especially if you feel they will not like the changes you have made already. 

Stepping out against the grain is not a bad thing. We were not born with a list of instructions or a manual on how we should be for all the years of our life. We were free to live according to our decisions and choices we make for our life. Yes, at first we followed our parents and those of influence around us when growing up, but as an adult, you live according to what is right for you.

I have stepped out against the grain a number of times in my life. I never liked to 'run with the crowd' and for me it was always a case of following the calling from within and now only following the calling from God. And even that gets judged!

So, my message to you all, is quit feeling afraid to share what's changed in your life because of others judgements. No one walks in your shoes and no one ever will, so embrace the change and you do what you want.

This is your life so live it with joy.

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