It's good to be different

It's good to be different

Uniqueness is rare these days. It's a quality I most admire in people but it's rare to find as many feel that being like all the others is safer.

I've always been different and I think that's often rubbed people up the wrong way or they don't know what to make of me.

Being different doesn't mean you rebel the same way as everyone can that be different?

God made each of us different and unique and I love that. I crave to see that more and more in the world. We should not be afraid to walk our path, even if it is not the mainstream path that everyone is walking on.

We should jump on that path and quit being like all the others. We should enjoy the path we walk on and quit feeling restricted because others won't understand why we did it.

I love the fact that God has taken me on a different path and moved me away from the 'woowoo' world that I was involved in for so long. When I look back at that path, I see the Rita back then and the Rita now and boy do I love how it's changed me. Things are so much clearer now and they make sense. I am not run by the longing for more, the airy-fairy ways of thinking and the wanting to be chosen by others.

I have a freedom now and so does my business. The thing I longed for I have and it's not through the secret! :-)

The times I followed my own path always led to great things...picking up the guitar, heading out to Hollywood LA instead of the holiday destination of Florida, travelling to places that excite me, trying different jobs at a young age and meeting great people from different backgrounds, getting out of toxic relationships and not being afraid to be single. Boy the list is endless.

But the message I am trying to get across here really is cool to be different. Following the mainstream keeps you hidden and you start to disappear.

It puts pressure on you to be the same as the others when really you want to be different and just so badly want to do it. It makes things complicated.

Simplify it...just be who you are. What you believe, what you value, what is real for you.

Yes, the transition is difficult at first. But once you quit worrying what everyone else thinks about you, and you let go of the judgements you have about your change, you'll realise it's a beautiful time of fun, excitement and freedom.

If this blog post speaks to you and you want support in just being your unique awesome self and starting over the way you know makes your spirit within happy, reach out to me and let's chat.