It's not avoidance being single

It's not avoidance being single

There are many who are pressured to start dating when a relationship has ended. Those that pressure often think that staying single for too long, is avoiding the problem and holding onto the pain of a past relationship.

That may not be the case. When it comes to intimate relationships, it's important not to rush things. Choosing to be with someone for the rest of your life is a big decision and wasting time dating everyone who approaches you, because you have been told it will give you the confidence you need to get over the pain, is not the option. In fact, it could be creating more heart ache further down the line, by pushing yourself when you are not ready and having not even taken the time to get to know you again.

Each of life's hurdles is a lesson and taking the time out to build yourself up again and to enjoy who you are is a vital step. No matter how long it takes.

Being single should be celebrated and should not be seen as a 'stop gap' because a relationship has ended. It's a time of reflection, yes, but it is also an opportunity to do more of what you enjoy and discover more about you, which will enable you to be a stronger, happier self in your next relationship, should you decide to go into another relationship. 

Hey, you may decide to stay single because it just feels too awesome to change...and that's cool, why not?

Who says having a partner is for everyone? 

For too long society has pushed people into relationships, and making people feel that being on your own is not healthy. 

Well, ignore that. Being single is not painful. It's not negative. It's a strength that should be celebrated. 

So quit pushing those who decide to take a break from finding Mr/Mrs Right  and give us single people the space to be who we choose to be in all our awesomeness. 

When the time is right, the relationship will be found, if the individual chooses this for themselves, and if not, enjoy, because right now the dating world is not as safe as it used to don't be in a rush. 

Live life regardless of your situation.