It's ok to be single

Don't let others judge you for choosing the single life, it's a great time to build your foundation of what you want from life.

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It's ok to be single

It's ok to be single

Yes it is.

Being in a good relationship is a blessing these days but there are so many hurdles when it comes to finding that special someone and trying too hard.

The best thing that I ever did, was choosing to be single and letting go of the pain that many (if not all) of my exes caused me. Actually, I let them cause me. Once I picked myself up and took back my power, things turned around for the better and the freedom I feel right now is just so beautiful.

There are many single people, who feel this way, both men and women. It gives you the opportunity to live life on your terms without having to check in with's bliss!

For too many years, being single has been frowned upon and single people often are being judged for maybe holding on to pain and not trusting because they choose to be single and not date. This is not the case. Get over this mentality. Just because they wanted a relationship and have one, they should not expect everyone else to want the same thing. Life doesn't work that way.

Single people - do not allow anyone to judge you for wanting something different. There are times when the single life gives you what you need and helps you build the foundation for your next relationship, if you choose to be in a relationship.

I know right now what I want from a relationship more so, is definitely not what I had with any of my previous relationships because I am different now and my faith in God is my foundation, so this has to be shared. But had I not taken the time out to be single and taken the time to re-establish me and my faith in God, I would not be where I am today, much stronger and happier. You need to take that time out, it could be months or even years. There is no time limit.

So, single people, don't let others pull you down for being single. Celebrate what you have and find your path and if you choose a relationship in the future that is awesome and if you choose not to be in a relationship in the future, that also is awesome. You are meant to be where you are meant to be.

If you are single and you want to let go of past pain and enjoy this time of healing and find your path reach out to me via email -