Living a Supernatural Lifestyle

Living a Supernatural Lifestyle

A supernatural lifestyle basically is living your life with your eyes fixed on God, living your purpose and being spirit led. 

It's living life not focused on the current latest trend and way of living, but on what you are being spiritually guided BY GOD to do. I put BY GOD in capitals, because unfortunately many, especially women unfortunately,  take the word 'spiritual' and connect it to the dark spiritual practices like - crystals, tarot reading, affirmation cards, loa, spells etc and pursue the assistance of witches to help them connect to their spirituality or correct their life choices.

This is not Holy Spirit led and therefore if not now, will end with being a slave to the dark side and pain for yourself.

I encourage my clients to keep their eyes on God and focus on living a supernatural life based on their faith with a pure heart.

When life brings the ups and downs, resting on the power of God and knowing that you come from a place filled with the Holy Spirit,  is not only a form of protection, but it is also a guidance for success and peace, which along with it brings clarity of the mind. All elements of joy and strength in life.

The major difference in living a supernatural lifestyle and a normal lifestyle, is bringing God into every part of your life entirely and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you at every point or just generally being in worship with God in life everyday. 

When you have God in your corner you can do so much more because He gives you the power, the love and the sound mind to get through life (check 2Timothy 1:7). You recognise the good for you, the bad for you and those things that are really not worth your time.

It elevates you in life. Now what could be better than that.

So, if you are struggling in life with completely making the shift to live supernaturally and away from what others lead you into and you are a Woman of God. Contact me and let's chat about how you can make that shift and turn things around in your life and live a more faith- centred approach to life.