The Holidays are coming...

The holiday season can be celebrated any way you choose, but often we feel obliged to celebrate it the way everyone else chooses. This doesn't have to be your way...

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The Holidays are coming...

The Holidays are coming...

Wow I can't believe that Christmas is just a couple of days away! I've been looking forward to Christmas since June this year and now it's practically on our door step.

The holiday season means something different to each of us. For some it's a time to reconnect with family and catch up. Others may be spending it alone and may be dreading  all the hype that comes with the holiday season. And others may be partying all the days of the holidays and hardly staying at home.

However, you spend the holiday season, do not hold others expectations of what you should be doing as essential. You decide how you want to spend this period, be that with family or friends or on your own (yes there are some who prefer to be on their own and catch up on self care and relaxation, which is perfectly fine).

As with life in general, you are the creator of the direction you take your life and that also means you create the perfect holidays, just for you.

This period is also a great time of reflection and an even better time to think about which direction you want to take next year in. It is not about the standard New Year's Resolution. It's about having goals that you wish to achieve next year. Goals are not just set at the beginning of the year, they are a work in progress, therefore setting goals for each area of your life is a great way to start.

This gives you some motivation during the holiday period as the New Year approaches. 

However 2022 is ending for you,  and whether it has been a good year or bad year, make sure that you remain true to yourself and stay safe and healthy. 

And remember, you decide how you wish to spend this time and do what puts a smile on your face. 

Sending holiday blessings to you all this Christmas time. :-)