Why Invest in Property?

Why Invest in Property?

As a Lifestyle Consultant, one of the areas I work with some of my clients on is international property investing and building passive income. It's an area I feel is important as many overlook this as an area that is not important and just rely on the income you receive from your day job.

Unfortunately, no job is 100% secure these days, so having multiple sources of income is important. Property investment is just one option, but it is an option that gives you the biggest return on your initial investment.

When you buy a new build property, as soon as you buy it, it starts to increase in value, hence already building money for you, if you decide to sell in a few years.

Why do I love international property investing?

You can make it work for you in many ways.

You can have the property as a holiday home for yourself, so you can save on booking a hotel or renting a villa when you are away, as well as making money from it when you are not on holiday.
Or, you can purely use it as an investment option and have someone manage it for you and just reap the financial benefits every month in addition to your monthly wages.

Nowadays, it is not as scary as it used to be, especially if you have a reputable company that you work with when investing abroad.

I work with a reliable contact in Spain, who will help you every step of the way when investing and the money you invest with is secured right through the whole process. Also, you gain support with mortgages, advisers and living in Spain as well as offering you bespoke properties so that you can make it your own are all available.

Remember, property investing is not just an option available for the big time investor. It is also available to you, if it is something that is of interest to you and you do want a nice nest egg when you retire.

Building wealth is not a bad thing. With the right intentions it can not only be lucrative for you, but can also give you more options when travelling to your place in the sun.

So, don't be quick to push it to one side and say it's not for you. Stop relying on your savings account interest to give you what you need. Think bigger and think how much more you can earn passively through international property investing than your monthly savings interest in the bank.

If this blog post sparks your interest, reach out to me and lets chat some more about it.