Why the Universe?

Why the Universe?

Yes, I asked the question.

This week I felt pulled to write a blog on this topic and I kept putting it off, but then I thought to myself, why am I holding back? Is this something I believe right now and for a while now as life stands for me? And I can honestly say that yes it is.

Why do we put so much faith in the universe and not in God, who created the universe?

There you go...I said it.

Why do we get stressed out with trying to manifest and spend days on end scripting and watching our thoughts and energy for the sake of the universe?

The universe was created by God. Therefore, if God can create the universe He sure can create a lot more for you...right?

Now, many of you know that I was an award winning Law of Attraction Coach and always spoke about manifesting, so I get it truly.

But the frustration and the procedures with all the attraction and manifesting  stuff is way too much. Sometimes there are things happening in the world and in our lives, that we would never want to attract, but happens and that just raises too many questions that can't be answered through belief in attracting it.

As I'm getting older I need ease in my life and I need to cut the rest of the stuff out and just go to the source...God.

It's about 'Letting Go and Letting God' in my business and in life. It's about here you go, I know you've got this now I follow and just be the business owner and the Rita I am and have a faith and trust knowing all is taken care of. I know God has a reason for the ups and downs in life and in the world that is bigger than me.

Yes, that's where things are at right now. I know some who read this, may feel I am judging LOA and trust me I'm not...I've been there. And if it is right for you, please continue in your journey. But it's not for me right now. It's time to give the power back to the rightful owner, let go and get in the flow of great things happening in business and personally.

Yes, there will be changes...more expansions, different teachings, but my core ethos is and always will be - to continue giving my clients the best service and support they need regardless of their beliefs and faith.

So there it is...the question that I have wanted to share and get out to you all. What you do with it, is for you, but for me right now...my truth is not focusing on manifesting and going through the universe, but direct to the source...God.