Your Career Wellbeing - The 5 min Method

Your Career Wellbeing - The 5 min Method

We all know that doing what you love not only makes us feel fulfilled, but it also leads to high rewards, as our energy working is a whole lot more positive and feeds our immune system with health and vitality.

So if this is the case, why do you hold back and stay where you are not happy for far too long?
Why do you go home after a days work and not work on your own craft?
Why are you giving up so easily?

We spend many hours in a day in our career space and if this is not fulfilling us, this means we are spending hours in frustration and negativity. This is not healthy.

This is not good for your mental wellbeing, your physical wellbeing and your spiritual wellbeing. It brings down the energy around you and leads you down a pathway that leads you further away from your goals and dreams.

You know even if you spent 5 minutes on nurturing the craft that you love and would love to be doing full time, that would change things for you. Your mindset will be heading in the right direction, your energy will be more positive and your entire being would be motivated to do more. Just 5 minutes a day building on what you love. Imagine...

Have you got 5 minutes? Well you better make time for 5 minutes because staying where you are at both emotionally and mentally is only going to lead to illness and depression.

Don't do this to yourself. 

You see others taking action and making it work, so why not you?

Just start, 5 minutes a day focused on doing what you know you love and I bet you will begin to find more time to keep doing what you are doing each day until eventually it becomes full time.

Go on, I dare you to just take that 5 minutes a day pursuing what you love.