Your Intention for Health

Your Intention for Health

How important do you rate your health in your life? 

Is it something you push to the back and only look at when you become ill or is it something that you are consciously aware of every day and maintain?

It can be so easy to push all the health habits that benefit you when you get busy in life or have low moments in life. But your health and implementing healthy habits daily is what is going to sustain you through those moments and give you the energy to keep going.

Health should be a preventative thing, not something you look into when you get seriously ill. You want to do your best to prevent this before it takes over you.

Don't be so ignorant when it comes to your health. Don't think it's not important just because all is well and you feel ok. 

Make it a priority each and every day.

Especially as you grow older each year there are so many areas you need to maintain in order to age well, stay energised etc. Once you begin to let this go, each year you will notice wear and tear in your physical body as well as deterioration in your mental capacity.

Do you want this to be your result for growing older?

As a 50 year old woman, I do notice the changes and although slight, they are there and it's up to me to maintain my health and do that bit more than I did in my 30's and 40's. It's no joke this is serious stuff and if you value your life and want to enjoy more out of life physically, mentally and spiritually, your health needs to be on your list of priorities each and every day.

This ranges from regular exercises, well balanced nutrition, supplements, yearly blood tests, stress management etc. 

Don't be ignorant when it comes to your health and don't leave it until the worst happens to manage it. Manage it now and create the foundation of good health before anything happens.

If you need support in this area or any other area of your lifestyle that you have neglected, reach out to me and lets chat.